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  Dear Reader,

  Prepare yourself for Sex on the Beach, a trilogy featuring BETWEEN US (Jen McLaughlin), BEYOND ME (Jennifer Probst), and BEFORE YOU (Jenna Bennett). Three separate novellas. Three different authors. One literary world. Read them all, or just read one. It's up to you! No matter which route you choose, these standalone novellas are sure to satisfy your need for sizzling romance and an emotion packed story.

  Happy Reading!

  Jen, Jenna, and Jennifer

  Praise for BEYOND ME: "I loved this book, I very much enjoyed getting to know James and Quinn, and I wanted to step into their world of sun and water and love. This book made spring break even more fun, even with the intense feelings, I want to head to Florida now! I give this book 5 huge sunny and sandy stars!" -Sizzling Book Blog "Jennifer Probst does it again in Beyond Me with another amazing hit. From the first chapter I was captivated immediately and couldn't put it down. The chemistry between James and Quinn had my heart racing, soaring, and dropping on more than one occasion. I found myself lost in their story, not wanting it to end." -NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Kelly Elliott Praise for BETWEEN US: "The sweet good-girl looking to be a bit naughty and the sexy bad-boy looking to be thought of as good...Jen gives us another winning story with BETWEEN US. Drool worthy and devourable with plenty of emotion, I adored this book from start to finish! A must read!" -Jillian, from Read, Love, Blog "Anything that Jen McLaughlin writes is gold, in my book. BETWEEN US is no different. Set in the sweltering heat of Key West, it has all the passion, friendship and drama that made it impossible to put down. Go read this book. You won't be disappointed!" -Casey, Literary Escapism Praise for BEFORE YOU: "The story felt fun, as Cassie enjoys the sunshine, and things develop and start to sizzle when she meets Ty. It kept me on the edge of my seat...and I was curling my toes at the romance." -Bella, from A Prairie Girl Reads "A thrilling mystery mixed with romance and some much needed humor and wittiness, Before You is an enjoyable and gripping story." -Stella, Ex Libris


  Spring break in Key West with my besties was supposed to be casual fun. But I never expected to meet him. Sex and frolic? Yes! A relationship? No. But his hot blue eyes and confident manner drew me in. And when he let me see the man behind the mask, I fell hard, foolishly believing there could be a future for us. Of course, I never considered our relationship might be based on lies...or that his betrayal could rock my foundation and make me question everything I believed in...


  The moment I saw her I knew I had to have her. She hooked me with her cool eyes and don't-touch-me attitude. I had it all--money, social status, and looks. I could get any girl I wanted...until her. When my friends challenged me with a bet to get her into bed by the end of the week, I couldn't pass it up. But sex wasn't supposed to turn into love. She wasn't supposed to change me, push me, and make me want more for myself. She wasn't supposed to wreck me in all ways. And now, if I can't turn my lies into truth, I just might lose her forever...

  For two amazing women, writers, and now friends. Jen McLaughlin and Jenna Bennett, I never realized how much fun a project like this can be! You were truly a delight to work with. Thank you for helping me stretch my boundaries, dare to be different, and most of all, to rediscover my love for play in my projects.

  Looking forward to drinking some Sex on the Beach with both of you in person soon!


  I WATCHED the plane take off and wondered if I had made a big mistake.

  The city of Chicago floated beneath me, and I was sent up into the clouds for a spring break I wasn't even sure I wanted. I sighed. So lame. Twenty-one years old and I was more comfortable working and studying than having fun.

  "Don't even think about it," Mackenzie said. Her newly dyed chestnut, curly hair fell perfectly over her brow as she studied me. "If you keep it up, you'll have a breakdown. You need sun, sand, and sex."

  I rolled my eyes. "Says you, because you're comfortable getting all of it, Miss Country Star. Or at least, most of it." That comment earned me a snort. "Me--I'm more used to rain and fog and sidewalks. This isn't gonna be like one of those spring break movies, right? Jocks slipping drugs into girls' drinks and taking photos of them to post on the Internet? Or sharks feeding on young bodies in a blood bath?"

  Mackenzie groaned. "Way too much Lifetime TV, girlfriend. How about a tropical drink on a lounge chair, your toes in the sand, and some hot guy standing over you, bare chested and ready to serve all your needs?" Her eyebrows waggled up and down and I laughed.

  "Maybe for you."

  "Maybe for you, too, if you'd stop volunteering every spare second and recognized a man younger than seventy."

  "Fine. I'll stop complaining since you were nice enough to finance the whole trip. At least I have my own room. I'm so sick of roommates and socks on the door."

  My second best friend, Cassie, craned her neck and popped into the conversation. "I'm with Quinn. Finals are coming and I want my damn 4.0."

  Mackenzie grabbed her magazine from the pouch in the seat in front and whipped out her iPod. "You two are hopeless. We are going to have fun on this trip, even if I have to force you. No books, no studying, no lameness. Got it?"

  I grabbed her iPod. "You can't turn it on yet; it'll mess with the plane."

  "That's just a superstition," Mac announced, trying to grab it back.

  Cassie pulled the plug. "Quinn's right, I'm not crashing before I graduate."

  Mackenzie groaned. "If it was a real problem, they'd take away our electronics at the gate. And how'd I get stuck in the middle seat, anyway? You're going to torture me all the way to Key West."

  I met Cassie's gaze and giggled. Mac was the one with the money, fame, and outgoing personality. She was a country star by sixteen, thrust into the spotlight, and came to college to get an education and get lost. I hated country music--she's still mad at me for that--and had no idea who she was, even after she played me her top ten hit. Cassie was the studious one in our threesome, and probably one of the smartest, sweetest girls I knew. And me? Well, I was the worker bee. Save the world, one person at a time, I guess. I tried to get everything right so I didn't disappoint anyone, especially myself.

  We'd met freshman year in English 101 and the moment we started chatting, something clicked. It was as if each of us brought something strong to the group, and I liked that. I had lots of acquaintances at Chicago State, but Cassie and Mackenzie were true friends.

  Cassie and Mac started arguing over the rules of turning on a Kindle, and I turned back to the window. Maybe this was a good thing for me. I was tired lately, and not up to my usual strict standards of achievement. A little sun and relaxation may jump-start me to finish the quarter strong, and getting prepared for my summer internship at the rehabilitation center. Maybe I'd even meet a cute boy I could flirt with. Even sleep with. Someone who could give me an orgasm. I was tired of reading about the experience in magazines and hearin